About the Boots makers

Attila Demeter 

Began his apprenticeship in the shoe making craft in 1988, learning the traditional bench techniques used by the great shoemakers. Shoemaking became his passion at a very young age and been practising since he first saw his father making riding boots. In 2012, he moved to Maidenhead and established business in the UK. He has continued making a reputation for world-class hand-made riding boots.

The Demeters

Father & Sons

The Demeters, as have their colleagues of old, sit at their work benches using hammer and nails, cobbler’s thread and sharp knives, awls and needles. Some of these tools are themselves decades old, no longer made, and so they become highly prized personal possessions of the craftsman in themselves. There is no division-of-labour assembly system here, these craftsmen are sculptors of leather, the hand and the eye follow the ingrained lessons of the individual maker.