Horse Magazine - May 2015

Made to Measure Riding Boots


What were your first impressions of the boots and how would you describe their appearance?

The boots look really smart and elegant, with high quality leather finish. The additional detail throughout the boot makes

them look very stylish.

There are a wide variety of styles, colours and options to choose from within the Demeter Riding boot.  Being a made to

measure hard crafted boot they will fit any size of calf, foot and ankle. I choose black boots with laces, with small detail

on the front of the toe, rubber soles and a square toe     

How do the boots fit – do they come up too big/small?

Two and half weeks after the measurements were taken I met the Demeter Team again to try the newly hand crafted boots.  One of the boots came up tighter over the calf then the other boot.  The Demeter Team decided that this wasn’t the perfect fit they were after so took the boots back for another few days to make adjustments on the calf.  We met again 3 days later and the boots fit perfectly, zipped up easily and were very comfortable and  with plenty of room in the foot and ankle area. The boots are tall up to the side of the knee, this is normal to start as the Demeter Team advise that the boots drop between 1-2 cms so would rather they were too tall to start until the boots are worn for 5-7 times when they will drop slightly for a better fit.   

Are they comfortable?

Due to the boots being high up the knee on outside of the leg they were slightly difficult to walk in on the first few attempts but after wearing them for a few days they were much more comfortable.

Riding in the boot for the first time I felt the leather was very shiny and new making it slippery against the side of the horse.  The boots are of hard leather and need some breaking in.  I felt it was difficult to put my heels down as the boot needed to soften within the ankle area but after riding for one hour the boots felt less stiff and it was much easier to push my heels down.  I had chosen a rubber sole which gave me good grip on the stirrup iron and weren’t slipping at all. 

After riding in them for 3 times they had already soften and were very comfortable.  I wore them at a Dressage competition on the 4th day and they were really easy to walk in and felt very comfortable and smart.

What are they suitable for, ie hacking, yard jobs, walking, competing?

The boots are very smart, I would use them as a competition boot suitable for most disciplines or every day riding boot.  They are far too elegant to wear for yard jobs and wouldn’t be comfortable enough to do lots of walking in them.

What are the straps/fastenings like – are they easy to put on and take off?

The boots have lace at the front of the ankle which gives the boot extra stretch to help when putting the boot on.  There is a zip from the heel to the very top of the boot at the back and a small flap and button across the top back of the boot to hide and protect the zip.  Zip is looped through the inside of the flap to ensure the zip doesn’t drop.  Another similar flap at the heel of the boot which stops any rubs between the horse and the zip. The boots are very easy to put on and take off and I didn’t need any additional help.  Due to the perfect fitting of the boot the zip fastens up the boot quickly and easily without having to push the two parts of leather together.   They are very easy to get off too without needing any help from a boot pull. 

What is the quality of the material like?

The boots are made of strong tough leather which looks of really good quality; they have a shiny smart finish look.

Do they offer support/keep your feet warm and dry?

They provide excellent support for the ankle and foot. The rubber sole makes them water tight and durable.  I’m not sure they are totally waterproof but would keep out small amount of water and protection from the mud and wet grass. 

What condition are the boots in after a few weeks of use?

After a few weeks riding in the boots both at home and at competitions they looked in excellent condition and still looked brand new! By two weeks they were easy to walk in and felt very comfortable to ride in; much more supple and less stiff in the ankle 

Are they easy to clean?

Very easy to clean, wipe of mud and then polish, they were back to their original shiny finish

What is your favourite thing about the boots?

They are really fitted which makes your legs look extremely long.  They have a multi choice of designs and styles making them very individual and bespoke

What is the worst thing (if anything)?

The boots do not come with a spur ridge so the spurs can drop slightly but this can be easily added after the boots are made.

Is the price right for this product - would you say they are good value for money?

For a made to measure boot they are really good value for money and look more expensive than they are. 

Do you have any additional comments?

The Demeter team provided excellent customer service and go out of their way to ensure the boot fits perfectly.  I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a good value for money made to measure boot.  The price includes a meet up to be measured for the boots (subject to distance from their base)