Make your own

Make your own

Planning on purchasing a pair of boots from us but not sure what you want? This page should help you get an idea of how we start producing those special made-to-measure boots.

First Step: Choose your style


Second Step: Choose your leather

Our cap toes:

      Dublin                  Paris              Budapest

Laces, Yes or No?

Good to know:

Although these leathers might look the same for you, but in real life they are all different. Some are softer, and some are harder leathers, and have different feel to them.

Third Step: Choose your top

    Brooklyn                            Sicily                             Mumbai                             Istanbul                                York       

Fourth Step: Choose your colour

Good to know:

These are some of the many leathers that you could choose from, for the top part of your boots. They all have different textures, some are smooth and some feel rough.

All leathers are subject to availability.

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