Boots making

Boots and shoe making

Gimping serves not only to remove weak cut edges, but also has a decorative function.

The grimping machine functions on the same principle as the sewing machine, but, instead of needles it is fitted with steel tools of varying sizes, designs, and shapes.

The arrangement of stitching on the upper is determined by two main considerations: the seams must be strong and durable, and they must run is straight, regular lines. In addition, they should also be esthetically pleasing.

Brogueing is added to the toe cap, it is arranged in artistic geometrical patterns of various sizes.

A sharp-edged punch is used to punch brogueing.

One of the favorite materials for lasts is alder.

The main task of the lasts is to create the shape of the boots.

The clicker's most important tools are a cutting knife made of flexible steel and whetstone.

If the edges were not skived, the double thickness of leather at the seams would cause ridge to form.

Shoemaker pulls the upper forward with the grooved pliers.

As the leather is pulled forward the boots begins to take shape.

Authentic outsole -  full leather outsole with birchwood pegs to ensure stability of the boots.